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  • Configurable Size Tooling Plates

    Configurable Size Tooling Plates


    [Features] - A free size bread board with which the size can be freely selected. - For the taps that are mounted on the top face, the two varieties of the M4 type and M6 type are available and all are in a 25 mm matrix. - In addition, for the grip, one with a mounting pitch of 150 mm is available as an option. - It can be mounted in any position as required

    Days to Ship
    29 Days
  • Aluminum Tooling Plates (For M4 / M6)

    Aluminum Tooling Plates (For M4 / M6)


    [Features] - Place on top of an existing testing bench to configure the test unit in a small space. - It is possible to move or store a unit configured on a breadboard to a different location. - Anodized aluminum treatment is carried out with aluminum. Convenient handle for moving the unit. - The matrices at the top that can be tapped have all been made into through holes set at 25 mm for both M4 and M6. - Holes for M6 bolts have been processed for securing to the vibration-free pedestal.

    Days to Ship
    8 Days
  • Small Breadboard

    Small Breadboard


    Optical systems can be easily turned into units.   [Features] - The smallest bread board in the lineup - The opt station and 40 mm stage have been combined into a unit for fixing on vibration control boards and bread boards for easy transfer and storage. - The matrix for the tap processing of the upper surface is all through holes, with M3 settings at 8 mm and 16 mm, and M6 settings at 25 mm. - The M6 bolt hole is included for fixing onto vibration control boards. - The optical system comprised of the opt station and 40 mm stage can be easily turned into a unit.

    Days to Ship
    8 Days
  • Tooling Plates (For M3)

    Tooling Plates (For M3)


    ?Features? · It is an aluminum bread board for OPT station 40mm stage. · Optical system is assembled, with a handle that can be carried directly. · M3 tapped on the top is processed with 16 mm. · Flatness: 0.20 mm or less.

    Days to Ship
    8 Days
  • Aluminum Breadboard (Handles A64)

    Aluminum Breadboard (Handles A64)


    The structure of an experiment unit can be made in a confined space, on an existing laboratory bench

    Days to Ship
    4 Days


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