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  • Planar Aluminum Total Reflection Mirror

    Planar Aluminum Total Reflection Mirror


    High reflection in the visible light region is aluminum total reflection mirror obtained.

    Days to Ship
    24 Days
  • Dielectric Total Reflection Mirror

    Dielectric Total Reflection Mirror


    ?Features? · This is a dielectric multilayer film total reflection mirror in which films with different refractive indices are alternately deposited on an optically polished glass substrate. · Metal Film such as Aluminum Since there is no absorption by the film compared with the reflecting mirror, it is possible to obtain high reflectance of 99% or more. · It becomes high reflection regardless of polarization state of incident light, but it has wavelength and angle dependency.

    Days to Ship
    8 Days
  • High precision planar aluminum total reflection mirror

    High precision planar aluminum total reflection mirror


    Total reflection mirror made by vacuum deposition of aluminum on optically polished substrate. It shows near flat high reflection characteristics in the infrared region.

    Days to Ship
    4 Days or more
  • Gold Mirror

    Gold Mirror


    ?Features? · It is a total reflection mirror made by depositing gold on optically polished substrate. · In near infrared, it shows almost flat high reflection characteristics. · Please use dielectric total reflection mirror when higher reflectance is required.

    Days to Ship
    8 Days


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