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  • Wave Plate

    Wave Plate


    This multi-order wave plate has a layer of double refraction polymer sandwiched between two sheets of glass substrate. It is ideal for a fundamental experiment of polarization or an experiment that does not require accuracy. [Features] · Less expensive than a quartz wave plate and suitable for a fundamental experiment of polarization experiment or an experiment that does not require accuracy. · The double refraction of the wave plate varies, depending on the light wavelength, and the phase difference also varies. · Therefore, effect of the wave plate may not be obtained on a wave length other than the used wave length. · To prevent reflection on the wave length used, anti-reflection coatings are applied on the surface and the reverse side of the wave plate. · Do not use the wave plate in hot environments, or for a high energy laser. · The phase difference may change because of temperature changes.

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  • Polarizing Plate

    Polarizing Plate


    [Features] · The polarizing plate is a polarizer which can realize linear polarization using the dichroism of polymer. · A polarization film is sandwiched with transparent plastic sheets. · The extinction ratio is lower than polarizers using birefringence (Glan-Thompson, etc.) and insufficient for high accuracy measurement, but thanks to its low price, it is very useful for simple optical experiments. · The element has not mark to indicate the transmission axis

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  • Crystal wavelength plate

    Crystal wavelength plate


    Birefringence element to give phase difference to the incident light butting a one-axial crystal by plane parallel to the crystal axis. [Features] · The crystal axes of two crystal plates are orthogonal and attached, which reduces the influence of phase differences caused by temperature changes. · Both 1/4 wavelength plate and 1/2 wavelength plate have narrowband anti-reflection coating on both sides. · The birefringence amount of the crystal varies according to the wavelength and its phase difference also changes. · Therefore, in order to get the phase difference of λ/4 or λ/2 using a wavelength plate, it is necessary to select one according to the wavelength in use and the other wavelength ranges cannot get the specified phase difference.

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