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  • Rectangular prism (with coating)

    Rectangular prism (with coating)

    Suruga Seiki

    [Features] · The rectangular prism is used for bending light 90° or 180°. · Although mechanically similar to a mirror, when a prism is used as the reflection function, the system will generally be compact, and the mirror surface will be protected by the coating, and therefore, deterioration of image performance due to dust, scratches, etc.will be reduced. · If used in white light, a chromatic aberration occurs due to material dispersion (wavelength dependence of refractive index), and therefore, attention is required. · Divided into B and C types based on the difference in coating performed on each surface of the prism.

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  • Orthogonal prism (without coat)

    Orthogonal prism (without coat)

    Suruga Seiki

    [Features] · Bends light by 90° using total reflection of a slope. · Can also be used as a circuit board for manufacturing of optical elements. · BK7 can be used for the infrared region from the visible range. Synthetic silica can be used for the infrared region from the visible range.

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