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  • Diffuser Plate

    Diffuser Plate


    ?Features? · The diffuser plate is used to prevent damage to measuring equipment due to strong light from the light source and to prevent image formation by illumination lenses. - Optical glass substrate is made into a glass fritus and light is diffused. · In addition, the side of one side is mirror finish. · The sand number is different depending on the roughness of the sand surface, the larger the numerical value, the finer the surface roughness.

    Days to Ship
    32 Days
  • Parallel Mirror

    Parallel Mirror


    It is a mirror for auto collimator calibration. Used at normal incidence (incident angle 0 °). ?Features? · It is a mirror for vertical incidence used with auto collimator.

    Days to Ship
    32 Days
  • Optical Glass

    Optical Glass


    It is a substrate that polishes and processes optical glass with high precision, and improves surface accuracy and parallelism. The substrate material is BK7 and synthetic quartz.

    Days to Ship
    32 Days
  • Wedge board

    Wedge board


    Reflected light on the back can be missed. It is used as an autocollimeter calibration board.

    Days to Ship
    32 Days or more


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