Chains(Nominal Number:35(R))

A chain is a transmission component that transmits power using gears called sprockets. Also called a roller chain. It has an accurate gear ratio for gear transmission, and features a structure that bites into the sprocket and does not have the slippage that occurs with belt transmission. There is no restriction on the center distance, multi-axis transmission by a series of chains is possible, and a large reduction ratio can be obtained. Outer link and inner link are connected alternately by combination pins and bushes, and can be connected endlessly. Use joint links when linking. However, if the number of links is even, it can be used as is, but if the number of links is odd, an offset link is required. Lubricant oil is required to suppress chain wear and elongation, but if the workpiece is dirty with oil or it is difficult to lubricate, select a lubrication-free type. Special types include those that bend greatly in the horizontal direction, those that have rollers for transporting, and resin chains that are molded from resin.


  • Standard Chains
  • Lubrication-Free Chains
  • Joint Link, Offset Link

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Nominal Number
Number of Tracks
Surface Treatment
Max. Allowed Tension(kN)

    Standard roller chain (Senqcia)



    Product Series

    Standard roller chain (Senqcia)

    Days to Ship 10 Days
    TypeStandard Chains
    Nominal Number35(R)
    Number of Tracks1
    Surface Treatment-
    Max. Allowed Tension(kN)-


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