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Pneumatic Valves

Air operated valves are a type of valve that operate using air pressure by the power of an actuator. They are classified as externally operated automatic valves. They are available in stainless steel, bronze and aluminum alloy, etc. The compatible fluid varies depending on the type, and can be air, water, steam or oil, etc. They are used in various industrial fields such as factory piping and water treatment. There are two types of operation: single-acting that operates with pneumatic pressure and spring force, and double-acting that operates only with air pressure. In addition, the single-acting type is divided into three types: reverse-acting, direct-acting, and double-acting, depending on the operating state when pressurized. Advantages include faster speed, easier maintenance, and more precise control of flow rate, pressure, and temperature than other automatic valves. Some have anti-condensation and anti-chattering functions.

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