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Gaskets are fastening seals that prevent liquid leakage. They are used mainly to maintain an air- and liquid-proof seal in static parts such as connections and pipe flanges of various equipment types. Gaskets require 6 properties: (1) elasticity to marry the gasket to the contact surfaces, (2) pressure resistance enabling the gasket to withstand pressure, (3) heat (cold) resistance, (4) chemical resistance to prevent liquids from seeping in, (5) long-term stability and (6) maintainability to enable easy removal. Gaskets are mostly round rubber types. Liquid gaskets (gaskets made of liquid materials) are another type available. Some can prevent liquid leaks when applied to adjoining-surfaces of equipment. Since liquid gaskets are made of liquid materials, their greatest benefit is their ability to permeate and marry easily with the contact surfaces even when the surfaces are uneven. They also reduce the risk of deformation and vibrations since the liquid hardens and remains elastic.

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