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MISUMI offers one of the largest selections of components for cutting edge industries around the world.

Configured Shaft

Our 80 Sextillion part configurations fit a very wide scope for many of todays advanced manufacturing technologies in such industries as automotive assembly, aerospace, medical manufacturing, 3D printing and semiconductor production. MISUMI’s vast selection of products make us an ideal resource for many of today’s engineering teams.

Our collection of products also includes many hard to find parts and supplies that you cannot find anywhere else, truly making MISUMI your ONE-STOP-SHOP solution. From material handling and storage to injection molding and wiring components, MISUMI makes your job easier, simpler, and faster. Any industry, anytime, anywhere, we are your engineering partner that is CONFIGURED TO SAVE TIME.

All Industries


  • Aerospace
  • Industrial Products
  • Packaging Automation
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Machine Shop Tools
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical & Lab Automation
  • 3D Printing
  • Electronics