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MISUMI is a trusted partner in the automotive industry for body-in-white, power transmission, electric vehicles, ICE
and automotive electronics. Our library of products include NAAMS and custom configurable components.

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If 7,000 cells can power your EV at breathtaking speeds, then imagine the possibilities with MISUMI’s 25,000,000 part types, 3,300 industrial brands and 80 Sextillion part configurations. MISUMI has been supporting the EV industry with breakthroughs in quality, cost and time not obtainable through existing supply chains.

At MISUMI, we recognize the rapidly growing EV automotive industry and drive our efforts to growing with it. MISUMI can provide precision components for various EV production and testing applications. For example, our precision stages can be used for laser beam profiling with LiDar Sensing technology. Motorized stages can be used for wave front sensors in testing Advanced Drive-Assistance System (ADAS).

In addition, precision stages in the XY configuration, linear guides and actuators can be used in the wire bonding process of battery packs in EV’s. MISUMI’s stages are versatile and their precision and accuracy is unmatched.


After extensive market research, MISUMI discovered that standard NAAMS components frequently required additional machining, or even a make detail for customization. MISUMI worked closely with several large customers to develop configurable NAAMS components that required no additional machining, not connected to each other, and at a lower cost than customized NAAMS components.

Ordering Configurable NAAMS is easy. Only MISUMI offers fully configurable NAAMS. Configuring your NAAMS components to your exact specifications is easy with our 3D CAD downloads, and free engineering support. Buy with confidence. MISUMI USA is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.


A major North American automotive manufacturer approached MISUMI with their situation. They found that the NAAMS locating pins on their tooling were failing prematurely despite having been purchased to the proper hardness specification. It seemed as though the hardness of the pins were not up to the NAAMS specification.

To validate this claim, testing was performed on 3 different samples taken from the production tooling along with a MISUMI standard configurable as a baseline comparison. All tests were carried out by an independent, A2LA accredited laboratory.

It was found that MISUMI’s manufacturing of NAAMS locating pins adhered to the NAAMS standard. Additionally, it is expected that the MISUMI locating pin will exhibit improved wear resistance due to its developed microstructure. The results are evidence that not all NAAMS are manufactured equally.

Automotive Manufacturing Case Study Chart