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**Update** Breaking News! MISUMI Has Released Three BOMs for Building 3D Printers

If you have been following our recent articles on 3D printing and are interested in learning about building your own printer, MISUMI has just released several 3D printer Bill of Materials (BOM), each with specific features and benefits. Let’s briefly look at each of the designs and help you to determine which MISUMI BOM will be the right fit for your 3D printing needs.

The first option is based entirely on linear guides for support, with timing belts and pulleys for the drive mechanism. Because of a space-saving cantilever design for the Z axis belt system, the final product is very compact. The printable area is 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm (3.9 in x 3.9 in x 3.9 in) with the machine dimensions only being 200 mm x 200 mm x 250 mm (7.9 in x 7.9 in x 9.8 in). This printer can produce cigarette pack sized objects and would be a great starter model with a BOM price of only about $515. (Linear Guide BOM)

The second option uses linear shafts as guides for the X and Y axis, which are then driven by timing belts and pulleys. The Z axis, or printing table, is driven by a fully threaded rod. The printable area is 130 mm x 130 mm x 130 mm (5.1 in x 5.1 in x 5.1 in) and the machine dimensions are 350 mm x 350 mm x 350 mm (13.8 in x 13.8 in x 13.8 in). This printer would be able to print objects roughly the size of a coffee mug. It is a good middle of the line choice for hobbyists, especially if a small printer size and a high level of accuracy are not required. The cost for this MISUMI BOM is approximately $1,875. (Linear Shaft BOM)

The final option has a larger printable area than the first two models and also utilizes more stable bearing and drive mechanisms. Both the X and Y axes are driven by timing belts and pulleys and are supported using V-guides. The Z axis is driven by a precision ball screw mechanism. The large printable area is 240 mm x 180 mm x 180 mm (9.4 in x 7.1 in x 7.1 in) with a final printer dimension of 500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm (19.7 in x 19.7 in x 19.7 in). While the printer can produce items slightly larger than a six pack of soda cans, the BOM cost of just over $2,100 makes this an ideal fit for a professional production environment. (V Guide BOM)

MISUMI does not offer an assembly kit for any of these 3D printers, but the engineering team can help you with any questions you may have about the designs.

Another resource to consider is the RepRap project, an open-source, community-based organization. They provide the designs for the most popular 3D printers in the world and have an excellent support structure that is ideal for beginners to learn the basics or experts to fine-tune their knowledge.

One of the most popular printer designs available on RepRap is the Prusa Mendel (Iteration 2). There are detailed instructions available, as well as video instructions. The design hinges on using 3D printed parts for a majority of the setup, but what we are interested in is the non-printed parts list. Taking a look at the list, there are a large number of items that MISUMI can supply. Below is a table that lists the required part and a link to the appropriate MISUMI item.

DescriptionMISUMI part number
M8 nutLBNR8
M8 washerPWF8
M3x20 boltCB3-20
M3 nutLBNR3
M3 washerPWF3
M3x10 boltCB3-10
M3x8 set screwMSSF3-8
M8x50 set screwSBCT8-50
8mm x 25mm brass bushingMPBZ8-25
608 bearingB608ZZ
M8 threaded rod (370 mm)FAB8-370
M8 threaded rod (294 mm)FAB8-294
M8 threaded rod (440 mm)FAB8-440
M8 threaded rod (210 mm)FAB8-210
M8 smooth rod (350 mm)PSFG8-350
M8 smooth rod (405 mm)PSFG8-405
M8 smooth rod (420 mm)PSFG8-420
900mm GT2 toothed beltGBN9002GT-60
Pulleys for GT2 beltsGPA18GT2060-A-H5
NEMA 17 stepper motorHT17-275

Even though the list is quite extensive, almost all of it can be supplied by MISUMI and shipped directly from the website online. As always, if you have questions about a particular part, or variations on a standard part, please contact the MISUMI engineering team at engineering@misumiusa.com.

The Prusa Mendel certainly isn’t the only 3D printer design on the RepRap site, although the required parts for other models are similar and many are also available from MISUMI. Regardless of which design you are looking to build, take some time to read the assembly instructions carefully, get your shopping list together, and remember to have some fun!

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10 thoughts on “**Update** Breaking News! MISUMI Has Released Three BOMs for Building 3D Printers

  1. The Prusa i2 style machine has been replaced by the i3 nearly two years ago.

    I’d think that Misumi would want to promote one of the MendelMax models because it uses a good amount of your T-slot extrusions. That said, that might undercut one of your customers.

  2. Those are all Old Outdate designs, How about a Corexyz 12x12x12 size or larger,I need parts to build a 18x22x18 right now, I have all the Electronics need the frame.

  3. Nice work! Do consider this though: assembled 3D printers with large areas are already available in the $2000 price range, so linear stages don’t really belong here. They are found in DIY CNCs… I’d love to see this for DIY CNC & Router projects, too.

  4. DONT build the i2!!! its a terrible design. I owned it and wasted 1 year of my life trying to get stable prints. Unless you want to fiddle all day dont build an i2

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