Product Spotlight: MISUMI GV Conveyors

High Power, Lightweight and Configurable


MISUMI is proud to introduce the new GV conveyor line. The new GV Conveyors are available in space-saving and fully customizable options. The new product offering offers low maintenance and economical conveyors with the MISUMI quality you trust.

GV Conveyor Benefits
  • Size Reduction, Smaller Footprint
  • Low Maintenance, Economical
  • Configured Units Ship in 14 Business Days
  • Loads & Loads of Accessories
  • ALL Replacement Components Available
  • Over 30 Belt Styles!



GV Conveyors Flat Belt & Timing Belt Configurations


Flat Belt Configuration Options

GVHA: End Drive

GVFA: End Drive, Full Belt

GVHN: Center Drive

GVFN: Center Drive, Full Belt


Timing Belt Configuration Options

GVTSA: Single Track, Head Drive

GVTSN: Single Track, Center Drive

GVTWAU/GVTWA: Dual Track, Head Drive

GVTWNU/GVTNA: Dual Track, Center Drive



Product In Focus: Learn More About GV Conveyors


Competitive Pricing

GV Conveyors are offered at a competitive price when compared to other similar products available in the market.

Impressive Lead Times

Configured units in quantities of 1-9 are available to ship in 14 business days or less  


Looking for configurable conveyors? The GV Conveyor series offers fully customizable options. Key features include configurable offerings head, center and built-in drive models.



Size Reduction, Lower Footprint


Low Maintenance


Easier Utilization (Alteration)


Accessories For GV Conveyors


Replacement Components For GV Conveyors



Why Buy GV Conveyors from MISUMI

MISUMI is the most comprehensive and user-friendly resource for factory automation components. With a vast selection of 80 sextillion standard and customized parts, MISUMI is an unmatched, one stop shop to meet customer specifications. MISUMI is committed to empowering customers to do incredible design work incredibly fast.
We have everything you need for your new GV conveyor. Including accessories and replacement components. See what’s on the move from MISUMI. Check out our website to find out more.


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