Finding the Right Enclosure

Bringing a new product to the market requires many different solutions to problems encountered during the process of manufacturing.

One of the biggest parts to this process is how you package different parts of the machine in enclosures. Finding the right enclosure for your needs and application can be a daunting task at first but there are many different options available to keep you within your budget and project scope.

Why Do You Need An Enclosure?

Enclosures are used to cover and protect your circuit boards that are used in your manufacturing process. Not only does an enclosure protect the proper function of your machine, it also creates a more refined appeal to your company and also to any customer for your product and business.

There are custom enclosure options but those are generally reserved for high volume orders since they require more resources and effort in the manufacturing process. However, there are still options for enclosure consumers who wish to customize standard enclosures to fit their needs without investing too much money or time.

Available Materials for Enclosures

One can find almost any size, material, or shape when it comes to enclosures. However, the main materials for enclosures are Plastic, Aluminum, or metal.

Plastic Enclosures

These enclosures are considered to be the most cost effective of the three options. They are also easy to customize and come with many different features such as battery compartments and come with environmental protection for outdoor use.

Takachi Terminal Box
Flame Retardant Resin

Aluminum Enclosures

These enclosures will definitely make your machine look better but also cost more. They can be customized but lack features such as battery compartments. They are also available with environmental protection ratings and can be customized as well.

Metal Enclosures

Also known as Folded Metal Enclosures, these are generally folded from aluminum or steel sheet metal and can also include different pieces that are screwed together to form the box. These are very cost effective for larger enclosures.

Customizing Cases

One of the most uses options used to customize an enclosure is to mill or drill holes. Typically, the customer will provide a PDF drawing of the enclosure which shows where the holes are needed or where the custom work is needed. The manufacturer can generally supply the customer of PDF drawings of the original enclosure which can then be used to draw the needed custom holes.

Grommets or cable glands can also be placed in the previously drilled and machined holes to provide and cleaner routing of cables through the enclosure walls. Cable glands provide environmental protection, strain relief and also improved looks of the product. MISUMI offers a wide selection of cable glands and grommets to meet your enclosure needs.

Lastly, accessories such as button caps and light switches provide additional functions to your enclosure and also provide and upgraded look to your enclosure.

MISUMI offers a wide variety of TAKACHI products which include all these previously mentioned enclosures which will fit your exact needs and solutions during your manufacturing process. By working closely with TAKACHI, we are now able to offer a wide variety of their products and also excellent customization capabilities which can meet your exact manufacturing needs and solutions. Explore the TAKACHI selection here.

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