What Makes a Metal Connector Stand Out from the Crowd

In general, the cable side plug is used in conjunction with a complimentary receptacle, or socket, as it is sometimes called. Additionally, the cable plug can also be coupled with an adapter, when using it in situations that call for a relay that is often found on the machine side to form a connection set.

Connectors make it easy to connect and disconnect wiring components multiple times without the need to solder or crimp wires in place permanently, making the ability of a connector to easily attached and detached from its mating socket one of its most important features.

A metal connector takes all the attributes of a regular connector outlined above and adds the added protection and durability of hardened metal that a regular plastic housing just cannot compete with, whether that be galvanized or stainless depends on the job.

Nanaboshi NCS series Metal Connector

What types of applications are metal connectors used in?

Metal connectors are mainly found with machinery used in various fields like; power distribution, meteorological observation, construction, machine tooling, communication infrastructure. Also, they can be found in equipment such as agricultural/agri-automation, factory automation, and test equipment.

International standards for metal connectors

Recommended types of metal connectors

The NCS series of metal connectors from Nanaboshi is often used as a power outlet for industrial machines, but can also be used for signal control applications in its 12 and 20 cores variations. 

Other popular variations of metal connectors; such as multi-core, and mini/micro connection types for precision equipment applications are also available from such brands as Hirose Electric’s HR10, Tajimi Electronics’ PRC05, Weidmuller, SOURIAU, and MISUMI.

MS Series: Complies with US Military Standard MIL-DTL-5015 (MIL-C-5015). Due to its excellent strength, it can be used in a wide range of fields including heavy duty devices.

NCS Series: Nanaboshi NCS Series standard-model metal round connectors are used for a variety of circuit connections. Mechanically and electrically stable due to its sturdy and simple construction.

HR10 Series: It can be quickly inserted and removed thanks to its single-action, push-pull lock mechanism. It is also small in size, lightweight, and excellent operability.

PRC05 Series: A push-pull connector series that has been uniquely designed by Tajimi Electronics to be shock and vibration resistant while still easily detachable.

Use metal connector in your cable assembly!

If you think that making your own cable assemblies involves messy soldering, too many cable and connector options to know where to even start, or that you need an entire workshop just to make one cable assembly, let MISUMI help take the trouble and stress out of the picture. With our expertise in cable assemblies, a wide range of product offerings, and no minimum order quantities, MISUMI can help you solves your connector and cable assembly needs. Email the team at electrical@misumiusa.com.

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