Manual Positioning Stages

Here's why many customers choose MISUMI's manual stages

Wide range of products for Factory Automation

MISUMI manufactures and carries manual stages with a wide range of price, rigidity, load capacity, and accuracy. Our selection reflects the requests from our customers in the Factory Automation industry, such as "large size and high load capacity" and "price-oriented".

Reliable short delivery time

Our best-selling manual stages are stocked in the USA and can be shipped the next day. *Same-day shipping will be accepted until 5:00pm CST (see here for details). Our made to order items also have reliable, short delivery times thanks to daily priduction improvement activities.

[Economy] X-axis dovetail groove feed screw type

Model: XFES60
Quantity: 1 - 10

*As of March 2021 Stock
[High accuracy] X-axis linear ball micrometer head

Model: XSG60
Quantity: 1 - 10

*As of March 2021 Stock
[High accuracy] X-axis linear ball digital micrometer head

Model: XSDG60
Quantity: 1 - 10

*As of March 2021 Stock

Complete 'quality assurance' system

All of our precision positioning stages are inspected before shipment through our rigorous Quality Assurance system. We work hard every day to improve the quality of our products to satisfy customer demands. See below for part of our inspection process.

Movement amount measurement
Standard dimensional measurement
Operation check (load applied state)
Parallelism measurement

A wide selection of price-oriented Economy products

MISUMI has a full lineup of low-cost products suitable for factory automation. Guaranteed accuracy requirements are made more flexible to save up to 30% compared to a high precision stage without sacrificing overall quality. See the table below for comparison.

Series Economy Stage High Precision Stage
Model number XFES60 XEG60
Guide mechanism Ant groove
Stage surface (mm) 60 x 60
Thickness 17mm
Stroke ± 8mm ± 9mm
Movement accuracy (straightness) 50 μm 30 μm
Regular price (excluding tax) (as of March 2022) $114.93 $138.57
Normal shipping date In-stock item 1st day (can be shipped on the same day)
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