[Case Study] MISUMI Fills in the Gaps for Gener8

Gener8 is a leading-edge contract design and manufacturing company founded by David Klein in 2002, located in Carlsbad, California, and Boston, Massachusetts. They have been going strong with accelerated growth for almost 20 years. In that time, they have worked on ~14,000 different projects. Gener8 has grown to 200+ engineers with 185+ manufacturing staff with 50+ scientists and 40+ PhDs. Gener8 leads the industry due to their depth of expertise in engineering biotech and medical devices and consumables, from omics hardware, cell culture equipment, and sample prep devices and handling.

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About the Author

Geoffrey Green

Geoffrey Green is currently an industry segment manager for the Medical Industry at MISUMI. His role involves developing strategies for how MISUMI's offering of products can be utilized in providing solutions for medical automation. Prior to his role as industry segment manager, Geoffrey worked as a sales engineer at MISUMI. In his sales role, he served the San Francisco Bay Area and Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and focused entirely in the medical industry. During this 4 year period, Geoffrey became an expert assisting customers with their medical automation designs. Before taking on his roles at MISUMI, Geoffrey has worked in the plastic bearing, robotics, and solar industries and received his degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado.

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