Conveyor Q & A in 60 seconds or less!

We know your time is valuable and you don’t always have the luxury of reading a blog post or surfing the internet doing research. When your production line is down, you’re losing money and profits and your only objective is finding a solution to your problem and getting back to work! FAST!

To save you time we compiled a list, broken down by categories, of a few quick question and answers to common Conveyor problems. While this list is not comprehensive, it will definitely point you in the right direction. If you have a more involved question, contact us at Meanwhile, bookmark this page as a quick reference guide for when you are in a jam and short on time.

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Q01. Why are there abnormal noises and/or vibrations when the conveyor is running?

  • Drive belt may be excessively loose or tight.
  • The belt may be worn. Please replace the belt if the backside is worn.
  • The pulley or idler may be damaged, or some foreign substance may be present.

Q02. Why won’t the conveyor move?

  • Please check that power supply (outlet, or control panel) is ON.
  • Possible overload. Please confirm that you have not exceeded the carrying capacity.

Q03. Can the conveyor belt direction be reversed?

Belt direction reversal is not recommended because the conveyors are not designed to operate in reverse mode.

Conveyor Motors

Q01. Is it possible to vary the speed of the constant speed motor?

Constant speed motor speed cannot be changed. However, it is possible to change the conveying speed by replacing the gear head, which Misumi also offers. Please check the conveyor model number in use and check with “Motor-Gearhead Model List”.

Q02. What is the life of a motor?

Motor standard life is 10,000 hours with a constant load of 8 hours of operation per day.  This may vary greatly depending on your usage environment, please consider this as a reference only.

Q03. I’ve lost the capacitor supplied with the constant speed motor. Can I purchase one as a separate item?

It is possible to purchase as a special order.

Conveyor Belts

Q01. Why is the belt drifting off-track when the conveyor is in use?

  • Check to see if the frame is curved or bent.
  • Check for the belts stretch and/or looseness.*
  • Are there any foreign matter deposits on the pulley/idler?
  • When a conveyor belt is moving to one side the tracking alignment may need to be adjusted.

* There may be some lateral movement when the conveyor is first used, but it should go away as the belt adapts to the system after a certain period of operation.

Q02. Why is the belt sliding to one side?

  • It may be caused by the conveyor aluminum frame bending or curving.
  • If transported material is unbalanced to one side, the belt may creep to that side.

Q03. How do you tension the conveyor belt?

  • Adjust tension by tightening the tension adjustment screw.
  • When adjusting, be sure to equally tighten the left and right tensioning screws. (Note there are tensioning screw position differences between End Drive and Center Drive conveyors.)
  • Please be sure the conveyor is not in operation, and power is turned OFF before performing belt replacement work.


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  • Q&A

    Conveyor Q & A in 60 seconds or less!

    We know your time is valuable and you don’t always have the luxury of reading a blog post or surfing the ...
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