MISUMI Extrusion Protective Guard

Times are changing in many industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic and companies are doing all they can to protect their employees while maintaining operations. MISUMI is here to help! Introducing a MISUMI original design for a protective guard developed by the engineering team dedicated and experiences in aluminum extrusion one of MISUMI’s most diverse use products. Below you will find the Bill of Materials and assembly instructions.

Bill of Materials:

No.Part TypePart NumberQTY
130×30 Aluminum ExtrusionHFS6-3030-5002
230×30 Aluminum ExtrusionHFS6-3030-7542
330×30 Aluminum ExtrusionHFS6-3030-8142
4Tabbed BracketsHBLFS6-C-SET4
5Tabbed BracketsHBLFS6-SET4
6Phillips Head Machine ScrewsHCBM5-84
7Extrusion End CapsHFC6-3030-B6
8PET PlatePYA4H-752-652-3-F730-G630-N51

Tools Required:

5mm Allen Wrench for M6 S.H.C.S.

#2 Phillips bit or #2 Phillips Head Screwdriver for M5 machined Phillips Screws

Combination Square (Recommended)

Assembly Time: 30 – 45 minutes | Level of Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Step 1 – Framework Assembly

You will need:

Aluminum Extrusion – HFS6-3030-814 – QTY 2pcs

Aluminum Extrusion – HFS6-3030-814 – QTY 2pcs

Tapped Brackets – HBLFS6-C-SET* – QTY 4pcs

*Set contains 2 M6 Socket Head Cap Screws, 2 T-nuts, and 1 tapped angle bracket for cover mounting.

Assemble the framework with the tabbed brackets.

Assembly Tip: Partially install the T-nuts in the bracket so that they easily slide into the groves of the extrusion and then tighten onto the extrusion.

Make sure that the tapped hole side of the brackets are all facing the same side. This will be required for installing the PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) Plate.

Cross Sectional view of the bracket w/ T-nuts (grey) and Screws (brown)

Secure the top left and top right brackets.

Assembly Tip: Keep the bottom brackets slightly loose so that the bottom extrusion can slide and adjust to easily to match the height of the PET Plate.

Step 2 – Panel Installation

You will need:

PET Plate – PYA4H-752-652-3-F730-G630-N5 QTY 1pc

Phillips Head Machine Screws – HCBM5-8 QTY 4pcs

Install the PET Plate to the face of the framework by using the screws and your screwdriver to secure to the tapped holes of the corner brackets. Secure the top left and right corners of the panel to the framework first. Then install on the bottom brackets. This is where keeping the bottom brackets slightly loose comes in handy. You may need to adjust the bottom extrusion to align with the panel height.

Assembly Tip: Lay the framework flat to match the panel height and tighten all screws.

Step 3 – Base Assembly

You will need:

Aluminum Extrusion – HFS6-3030-500 QTY 2pcs.

Insertion Nuts  – HBLFS6-SET*  QTY 4pcs.

*Set contains: 2 M6 Socket Head Cap Screws, 2 T-nuts and 1 angle bracket.

End Caps – HFC6-3030-B QTY 6pcs.

Add 2 End Caps to the top of left and right corners of the framework to cover the extrusion ends. Simply line up to the holes and press down to secure.

To assemble the base stabling extrusion feet, start with one side by using the insertion nut brackets and sliding into the groves of the base and the framework making sure that the framework is centered on the base. Then you can slide the base extrusion to the T-nuts of the brackets.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Assembly Tip: Use a level or the combination square to make sure that the framework is lined up and centered with opposite side.

Add an end cap to each end of the base extrusion.

Step 4 – Install in your application!

You can download the .stp file and an instruction pdf of the guard at the link below.

Be sure to download Rapid Design to help with all your design changes here.

There are many techniques to assembling this MISUMI Extrusion Protection Guard, let us know of any tips you find by commenting below!

If you would like a custom length/size, feel free to reach out to the engineering team at engineering@misumiusa.com

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