Dayton Lamina Format for Part Number

This guide explains the format required for Dayton Lamina nomenclature in the MISUMI order system. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have.

Dayton Progress Item Description Format


Catalog # & D B & L Mat'l P W R Alt. Code Alt. Code Alt. Code
AJK16 1990 M2 P12.00 W8.00 R1.00 X2-ANG90 XS24-AS5-L17.00 XCN

Note the Following Changes:

Certain alterations will now have different dimension designations.

For alterations that require an angle, the angle follows directly after the alteration (use hyphens instead of spaces). Angles represented with "A" should now appear as "AS".

Old New
XS24 A5 L17.00 XS24-AS5-L17.00

All locking device alterations will require the location angle to be defined as "-ANG#", even if at the default location.

Old New
X2@180 X2-ANG180
X2-180DEG X2-ANG180
X2 X2-ANG0

Point and B dimensions must be defined, even if the dimension is "standard".


Part Numbers specified in the catalog with "S" will be required. Part Numbers specified in the catalog without "S" will not be required. This applies to the Inch Ball Lock series in particular.

Old New
HPX50 S300 M2 P.3750 HPX50 300 M2 P.3750
KPX50 350 M2 P.2500 KPX50 S350 M2 P.2500
ADX25 A35 P10.00 ADX25 A35 P10.00
ADX25 35 P10.00 ADX25 S35 P10.00

For locking device alteration, code "LG" and overall length must be specified instead of "FULL" or "FULL LG", and code "DP" dimension must be used instead of "DEPTH".

Old New
DRR 13 20 P4.6 W3.6 XL19 X89 ANG0 FULL LG DEPTH2 DRR13 20 P4.6 W3.6 XL19 X89-ANG0-LG19-DP2

The material type only needs to be specified when an alternate steel type is required. Otherwise, the default material will be provided. The first material type provided for each product is classified as "default".

Example - materials
Old New
APX10 1980 A2 P8.00 APX10 1980 P8.00
APX10 1980 M2 P8.00 APX10 1980 M2 P8.00

When applying alterations "XP" or "XW", please specify only the code "P" or "W" in the part number with the desired dimensions.

Old New
VJX25 0320 P.0850 XP VJX25 0320 P.0850
VJX25 0320 XP.0850 VJX25 0320 P.0850

Urethane Strippers, MaxLife Die Springs, Retainers, and Backing/Shim Plates should not include any hyphens or spaces.

Old New
UHM10-63 UHM1063
MH-75-600 MH75600
BRT 16 BRT16
URBP 10 48 URBP1048

Lamina Item Description Format

For Wear Strips and Wear Plates, custom length must be specified within each part number. Length comes after the catalog prefix connected with a hyphen. Metric items are specified in 5mm increments. Inch items are specified in 1/8 inch decimal increments.

Old New
SP-15MM-X-25MM 15mm SP-15MM-X-25MM-15
SP-1/2-X-1 1 1/8" SP-1/2-X-1-1.125
SP-1/2-X-1 1 1/8 inches SP-1/2-X-1-1.125