Design Your Own Conveyor Kit

Conveyor components such as aluminum extrusions and pulleys can be purchased in Design Your Own Conveyor Kit.
Select a desired conveyor specification.

Basic Specifications

Conveyance surface

Drive module position

Belt Width
10-300(1mm Increments)
300-500(100mm Increments)
Distance Between
190-6000(5mm Increments)  mm
Pulley Dia.  
Motor manufacturer  
Motor specifications  
Motor output  
Motor voltage  
Belt specifications  
Guided Belt
(Flat Belt Only)
Conveyance capacity
Select gear ratio or conveyed weight, speed.
Gearhead Reduction Ratio  
*Carrying capacity per 1 conveyor
Conveyed mass 0.1-50.0 (0.1kg increments)  kg
Conveyance speed 0.1-72.0 (0.1m/min increments)  m/min
Input Power Frequency 50Hz    60Hz
$ Select parts Please enter number of sets. Please enter set number in 1 byte numeric characters. Enter purchase quantity in 1 byte numeric characters. Select a desired conveyor type. Specify height of conveyance surface when the stand type is specified. Conveyance surface height specified is incorrect. Specify number of stands when the stand type is specified. Specify pitch when the stand type is specified. Specified pitch is incorrect For 2 stand, pitch cannot be specified.

Inquiries about conveyors

MISUMI USA FA Engineering

Email: TEL: 800-681-7475 (ext.360) FAX: 847-843-9107
Monday to Friday 8:00am to 7:00pm (Central Time)

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