A Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Tools

The importance of precision measuring tools is barred none. The utility of these tools is paramount to a solid quality control process and developing high-quality parts. In this post, we provide an overview of a few different measuring tools to hopefully solidify your quality check process as well as satisfy your curiosity about these products.

Here are the tools with will review:

Dial Gauge

Dial gauges are also known as Dial Indicators. They are able to magnify small displacements measured through the spindle or lever. The circular dial has a scale that reads out those small displacements. Typically used for workpiece alignment, lateral run out, geometrical errors, and deformations. You can also use them to measure force and repeatability.

Depth Gauge

Depth gauges are used to measure the depth below the reference plane. Many times depth gauges are used to measure holes beneath a surface but ultimately anything that needs to be measured below the surface level of any object or material. They can come with a dial, ruler, or digital readouts.

Gauge Blocks

Gauge blocks are versatile measuring instruments and are used when precision lengths are needed. They come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and materials, individually, or in a set. Not only are they used for measurement but can be used to calibrate other measuring tools. One feature of gauge blocks is due to their precision machining they can be placed side by side for different length measuring with high accuracy.

Pin Gauge

Cylindrical in shape, pin gauges are used to measure inner diameters and inspect whether or not it meets your specifications. You can also check if there are any deviations in the geometry of your part. They can be used to measure groove widths, the distance between hole centers, and positions. Pin gauges can come as an individual item or in a set depending on your needs.

It is interesting to note how all of these tools can be used interchangeably for similar applications. It will depend on your application needs and design requirements to select which will work for your process. There are even proper measuring techniques that should be followed when using these tools which a topic to cover entirely on its own.

There are a variety more products for measuring including calipers, micrometers, scales, and balances, that we did not cover but you can explore them all with MISUMI. We offer a variety of top measuring brands including, Mitutoyo, A&D Weighing, Niigata Seiki, and Shinwa.

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